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Just like honey

I was young I was so young it hurt like a knife inside

ℓ i t h e.
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"she was consumed by 3 simple things:
drink, despair, loneliness; and 2 more:
youth and beauty"
— Charles Bukowski

Katja. Twenty. NYC; Ursprünglich aus Deutschland. Hot-blooded Gypsy.
Mania, madness, wine. The Avant Garde. Abnormal Psychology. Rock & roll.
Fluted bones. Literature. The martyrdom of true genius. Film noir. Mathematics.
Heroin Chic. Post-Punk. Mannequins. Androgyny. Symmetry. Nihilism. Cigarettes.
1920s. Glam. Cosmetics. Whisky. Grunge. Silent films.
Distorted images/art/sounds. Static.

it's all just theory.